General Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month, feature an invited speaker and are intended to cover a wide range of topics as you can see from the programme below. They are invariably well attended as members know that they can look forward to an entertaining, as well as interesting, afternoon.

They are normally held at Broadway Baptist Church, Broadway, Chesham at 2:00pm but due to COVID 19 restrictions had been held online using Zoom. We returned to live meetings in August 2021.

Current Program

 Thursday 14th January  Jan Eve Regelous - Everything Stops for Tea - ZOOM
 Thursday 28th January   Gaye Illsley - Enduring/Lasting Powers of Attorney - ZOOM  ***EXTRA MEETING***
 Thursday 11th February   Jeremy Holmes - Andrew Carnegie, Rags to Riches - ZOOM
 Thursday 11 March  Michael Kushner - A journey to Station X - Bletchley Park - ZOOM
 Thursday 8th April  Andy Thomas - A Conspiracy History of the World  - ZOOM
 Thursday 29th April  Mark Goddard - Cybercrime and Protection - ZOOM  ***EXTRA MEETING***
 Thursday 13th May  Patrick Lunt - My Life as a Voice Artist - ZOOM
 Thursday 10th June  Ian Keable - Charles Dickens: Conjurer - ZOOM
 Thursday 8th July  Dr Barrie Cook - Coin Hoards - ZOOM
 Thursday 12th August  William French - Butler to Royalty - Broadway Baptist Church
 Thursday 9th September  Colin Smith - Coffee - Broadway Baptist Church
 Thursday 14th October  Elizabeth Gowring - Unlikely Positions, Yoga Tour of UK  - Broadway Baptist Church
 Thursday 11th November  David Barber  - Swan Upping - Broadway Baptist Church
 Thursday 9th December  Paul Robbins - Great British Eccentrics - Broadway Baptist Church