Contacts      John Bunyan Email: writers@cvu3a.uk    
Date and Time  second Tuesday of the month at 2:30 pm    
Meeting Place  Quaker Meeting House in Old Amersham    


We have continued to meet on a monthly basis throughout the Summer although the hot spell was not conducive to writing.  We have had discussions regarding the future aims of the group and have decided to continue writing for our own pleasure before possibly undertaking a further review in six months. Since all members write in different styles and for different reasons it was felt this was the best way to go for the time being. 

Meetings start at 2.30 and we would be happy to see new members who should not be deterred by the writings of the current members.

Please contact the convenor if interested at writers@cvu3a.uk

Out next meeting isbelow

Current Programme

13th November