Contacts          Alan Bridges   email:;    
Date and Time  1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 2:30pm    
Meeting Place  hivings free church    


The ukulele group is going from strength to strength. Over the Christmas period we have done three performances that were well received , the first to family and friends, who said they very much enjoyed it (well they would say that wouldn't they!). We then did a slot at the Eclectic music group's Christmas entertainment afternoon, we were a bit nervous about that one, but it went down very well. The last performance was at Hivings Church where we took part in their Christmas sing along, again a really happy afternoon for everyone there.

As from March we will be changing our practice sessions to the first and third Tuesday afternoons of the month, as those weeks are more convenient for several of the group.

In January we welcomed a new member and look forward to another joining us in March. So things are going well. If anyone wants to try us out give me a call on 01494 783098. Remember though, we are doing this for FUN. 

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