Tai Chi



Contact   marion bangs & Sue Broad: email: taichi@cvu3a.uk          
Date and Time   Tuesday mornings 9:30 - 10:30 in term time    
Meeting Place  White Hill Centre, Chesham    


There is one class which is held weekly in term time on Tuesdays. 20 persons to a class.

We continue to improve and the general balance of the whole class seems to have improved. We can now complete the first Yang Style 8 movements with instructions from Peter, our tutor. He is very insistent in having correct pose, particularly that we have straight backs, no leaning backwards, arms in the correct angle and feet straight.

The first half hour is devoted to gentle stretching to warm up the body alternating with Chi Kung, breathing exercises and posture alignment associated with the five elements heart, lungs, liver, kidney and spleen. But most of all he makes the session fun. We have just invited 4 new members to the next session.

The class is full for next term, Please contact the convenors if you would like to go onto the waiting list 

Current Programme