Eclectic Music



Contact             Juliet Cresswel & Ron HArtwell email:          
Date and Time    4th thursday of the month at 2:30 pm    
Meeting Place   usually Amersham Free church or various locations     

Programme Ideas

Eclectic Music for you covers many areas of the music spectrum mainly dictated by its members. We are a friendly group but need further input to listen too and learn about your musical tastes. We meet at the Free Church, Amersham on the Hill in the Owen Room from 14.00 to 16.00, 4th Thursday in the Month.

If interested please contact the conveners.

If you have not tried our music appreciation group do come along to:
                                            AMERSHAM FREE CHURCH    2:30 pm

For further information contact:
Juliet 01494711159
Ron   01494786738 

Current Programme

28th spetember

"Desert Islands Disks" presented by a member.

26th october Ron entertains on his Player Organ and Pianos at his house
2 3rdNovember Party time with the Jazz Group.