Eclectic Music



Contact             Juliet Cresswel & Ron HArtwell email:          
Date and Time    4th thursday of the month at 2:00 pm    
Meeting Place   St. Johns Methodist Church, Woodside Road, Amersham on the Hill.    


The definition of ECLECTIC, "consisting of that which has been selected from diverse sources" in our case music compositions. So other than Jazz or Opera we play, listen and venture into other musical areas.

If you have not tried our music appreciation group do come along one of the events below.

For further information contact:
Juliet 01494711159
Ron   01494786738 

Current Programme

27th february

Barbara Hartwell's Desert Island Discs

26th march

Life and works of David Fanshawe, English Composer

23rd april

Life and works of J. S Bach

28th may

Playing of '78' rpm records

25th june

End of term party