Contacts           Claire Paterson   email: history@cvu3a.uk;

     ian hutt   email: history@cvu3a.uk

Date and Time    2nd Monday each month at 2:15 pm    
Meeting Place   council chamber, chesham town hall    


The Group is visited by speakers on a varied number of historical topics from local history to wider historical events.

The topics we have heard recently have been Brewing in the Chilterns, The Battle of Trafalgar, a History of the Ffestiniog Railway, Sikhism and a talk by the Curator of Amersham Museum.

Members at times also share their particular enthusiasms and knowledge by giving short talks to the Group. Not all members want to speak publicly but are ready to comment and ask questions after the talks which adds to the liveliness of meetings.

For further information please contact the Convenor.

Convenor: Claire Paterson email: history@chessvalley-u3a.org.uk;

Click here for a catalogue of our events over the past twelve months

Current Programme

12th march

The Royal Carriages - Peter Smith

9th april

Presentation Early Memories of India, 1940-1947
Including original film footage - Tony Glyn-Jones

9th may

History of Papermaking - Peter Burford of
Frogmore Papermill

11th june

History of Holton Park, Oxford - one time Grammar School attended by Theresa May - John Fox