Diary for June 2017, July & August 2017



Date Group Event
06 Jun Committee Monthly Meeting
06 Jun Family History The Militia of Great Britain
07 Jun Photography Field trip to Wendover
08 Jun General Meeting Votes for Women
12 Jun History The Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways
14 Jun Walks in London Past the Palace
15 Jun Computers PowerPoint
16 Jun Railways Talk on Gresley A4 locos
19 Jun Science & Technology Sugar
22 Jun Eclectic Music Entertainment by the new 'performers' group 
22 Jun Poetry Singer Songwriters
23 Jun Opera & Dance Dance – Members introduce their own choices
26 Jun Digital Imaging Multi-media Presentations
27 Jun Jazz Appreciation Same Song, Different Treatment!
28 Jun Gardening Visit to Deepwood Stud Farm 
29 Jun Convenors' Meeting
04 Jul Family History The Work of a Professional Genealogist
05 Jul Photography Field trip to Aston Clinton Ragpits and/or Tring  
10 Jul History The Battle of Trafalgar
11 Jul Committee Monthly Meeting
11 Jul Dinghy Sailing BBQ after sailing
12 Jul Country Walks into Histor A  walk around Old Windsor Town
13 Jul General Meeting Women I Have Married
17 Jul Science & Technology Chemistry Topic
19 Jul Patchwork & Quilting Workshop with Sheila Wilkinson
19 Jul Theatre The Tempest at The Barbican
24 Jul Digital Imaging Free Software
24 Jul Stamps Bechuanaland and the Royal Philatelic Society
26 Jul Gardening How to Grow Roses Successfully
27 Jul Poetry Simon Armitage
28 Jul Opera & Dance Opera – Puccini’s early opera ‘Edgar’
01 Aug Family History Tour of The Charterhouse (Booking required)
02 Aug Photography Field trip to Oxford
09 Aug Walks in London Beatles Magical Mystery Tour
10 Aug General Meeting Walking Forward, Looking Back
21 Aug Digital Imaging ProShow Gold
21 Aug Science & Technology Revamping in a Refinery
23 Aug Gardening Visit to Upper Chalford Farm
24 Aug Poetry The Metaphysical Poets
05 Sep Family History Workhouses in Bucks