Diary for March, April & May 2018



Date01 Mar Group Event
Wildlife Natural History Museum at Eton College
05 Mar Art Discussion 2 Artistic and Social influences on Art Deco
06 Mar Committee Meeting  
06 Mar Family History Stories from Research into Unknown Soldiers
08 Mar Art Discussion 1 Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud and Howard Hodgkin
08 Mar General Meeting Medical Detection Dogs
08 Mar Theatre 'Witness for the Prosecution'
12 Mar History The Royal Carriages
14 Mar Country Walks into History Coleshill
15 Mar Computers Spreadsheets - Explaining the Uses and Mysteries
16 Mar Railways LNER Freight Locos
19 Mar Science and Technology Self Driving Cars
21 Mar Photography Members' Talks about their Recent Trips ‘Down Under’
22 Mar Eclectic Music An Afternoon With Mozart
22 Mar Poetry Ted Hughes
26 Mar Digital Imaging Editing RAW Files
26 Mar Stamps Morocco Agencies and Germany
27 Mar Jazz Appreciation Classical Themes Re-interpreted by Jazz Masters
28 Mar Gardening Clematis Through The Seasons
03 Apr Family History A Victorian Way of Death
05 Apr Convenors' Meeting  
05 Apr Wildlife HS2 and its Impact on the Chilterns and Wildlife
07 Apr Railways A Visit to the Severn Valley Railway Open Day
09 Apr History Early Memories of India 1940-47 (Partition)
10 Apr Committee Meeting  
11 Apr Walks in London Disastrous London
12 Apr General Meeting Harold Macmillan: A Reputation Revised
16 Apr Science and Technology Sugar
18 Apr Photography Wildlife Talk - ‘Life in a Nutshell’
19 Apr Computers Windows - Much More than Word Processing and Cut&Paste
23 Apr Digital Imaging Q&A
24 Apr Jazz Appreciation Jack Jenney’s "nine bars of stardust" with Artie Shaw
25 Apr Dinghy Sailing First sailing session on the lake
25 Apr Gardening Grasses and Grass-effect Plants
26 Apr Poetry William Butler Yeats
30 Apr Art Discussion 2 Art Deco from France, the USA and the UK
01 May Family History Reading Old Script
02 May Theatre 'Move Over Mrs Markham'
03 May Wildlife Tiggywinkles Animal Hospital
08 May Committee Meeting  
09 May Country Walks into History Dorchester-on-Thames
10 May General Meeting British Airways Heritage
14 May History The History of Papermaking
18 May Railways The Tay Bridge Disaster
21 May Digital Imaging How to Create Motion Blur Effects
21 May Science and Technology How the World was Mapped
23 May Gardening A-Z of the Fuchsia Year
24 May Poetry Rural Poets
29 May Jazz Appreciation Members’ Choice - Part Two
10 Jul Theatre 'The King and I'