Buspass adventures



Contact             Anne Muir and June Terry;  Email Buspass@cvu3a.uk    
Date and Time    2.00 - 4:00 pm 5th thursday of each month    
Meeting Place      


The new Bus Pass Adventures Group started at the end of May.

5th Thursday of the month - organised by Anne Muir  buspass@cvu3a.uk

A small group of us had our first outing to Marlow in May where the weather was kind to us.  We arrived at about 11a.m. and had a short walk along the high street for a welcome coffee break, followed by a stop at the information centre located in the library where we found some interesting leaflets and advice.  While some of the group  decided on  a little retail therapy the rest of us looked around the church of All Saints’ and found the painting of the ‘spotty boy’ intriguing.  We all had time to sit and enjoy the wildlife on the river before a welcome lunch.

We finished with a short walk along the Thames path and a look around the small, but very interesting museum.  We wearily boarded the bus to High Wycombe and hence to Chesham at about 3p.m.  We all said we had had a lovely adventure.

29 August  - trip to be advised 

Trips on Monday or Tuesday  - organised by June Terry

June  - No trip due to convenors holiday

Further dates to be arranged on her return 

Please contact the convenor if interested


Current Programme


June  - No trip due to convenors holiday

29th August TBA