Book Group




Group 1:  Mary Saywood 

group 2: christine ross & liz howlett

group 3: Eileen overton

group 4: jackie cobb


Date and Time       Group 1: 10:30 aM on 2nd friday of alternate months; group 2: 11:45 AM on 1st wednesday each month; group 3: 2 PM on 3rd tuesday each month; Group 4: 10:30am on 3rd thursday each month  

Meeting Place       group 1: mary saywood's home; group 2: chesham library; group 3: members' homes group 4: members homes    


Book Group 1

This is a book group with a difference. We donít all read the same book!Six times a year a group of avid readers meets to discuss the books we have read between meetings.Itís a most stimulating and wide ranging session in which itís almost certain at least somebody will have read the same book or the same author as somebody else in the group.Our discussions have included fiction, biography, history, politics and include authors such as Barack Obama, J.M Coetzee, Sebastian Faulks, Rose Tremain, Max Hastings, David Owen and many more

If you are an avid reader who loves talking and listening about books you will be very welcome.  We have room for one or two more!

Meetings are at the convenorís home in Great Missenden. Please contact  for more details.

Book Group 2

Convenor: Christine Ross & Liz Howlett

We continue to enjoy a wide range of books, mainly novels, both new and the classics. Within a small group we have diverse opinions on the merits of each book we read which can lead to lively discussions over coffee. Please only contact the above convenors for further information.

Please do not contact Chesham Library directly for Book Group 2 as they cannot answer queries on behalf of U3A.

We currently have a short waiting list for this group

Book Group 3

Convenor: Eileen Overton

Meetings are held in members' homes at 2pm on the third Tuesday of each month. Availability is governed by the ten books we get each month from Chesham library; we have our full quota at the moment but please contact the Convenor in case a vacancy occurs.

Book Group 4

Convenor: Jackie Cobb

This group has now been set up. Please contact Jackie at for details.

Current Programme