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Archery is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. It captures the imagination of over 34,000 members of Archery GB and many more at 'have a go' archery events at activity centres, holiday parks, game fairs, outdoor shows and tourist attractions across the UK. As a very inclusive sport, archery provides opportunities whatever your age and ability; with young and old, as well as able and disabled, all shooting together. It is also very much a social sport which provides the opportunity to join a club, and with that to shoot in a social setting and participate, should you wish, in friendly club and inter-club competitions (indoor in winter, outdoor in summer). Whatever your needs, you will find that archery provides a balance between fun and health, no matter what your ability.


Of those members who attended our introductory meetings earlier in 2012 five are now committed to develop their interest in Archery further and have successfully completed the compulsory Beginners' Course. This was delivered at the Silver Arrow Archery Club at Eddlesborough. Owing to our lack of numbers it has been decided that rather than seek to establish ourselves as a separate Group within the Silver Arrow Archery Club our members would individually integrate into the Club and progress at their own pace. However, it is suggested that we remain alert to the possibility of coming together on a monthly basis. In spite of the above I'm still inclined to retain an Archery Group as an avenue of entry into the sport by other members of Chess Valley U3A. New members would be more than welcome why not come along and give it a shot.

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